Raising awareness of pancreatitis

One of the main goals of the Kranky Panky campaign (alongside fundraising) is to raise awareness about pancreatitis. We want you to spread the word about our campaign and get as many people involved as possible!

Spread the word online

Social media is a great way of raising awareness and sharing personal experiences of the condition. Whether you’re a patient suffering from pancreatitis, or you’re a friend or carer for somebody with the condition; there’s a fantastic support community online who can help.

Because social media can connect people across the country with the click of a button, we set up the Guts UK Pancreatitis Awareness Campaign Facebook group. We want to connect people affected by pancreatitis. Our Facebook group allows them to access support and information, while also giving them a safe platform to talk about what they’re going through.

Share the Kranky Panky campaign on social media

As part of our campaign this November, we will be publishing a story everyday. This might be somebody’s personal experience of living with pancreatitis, or it could be from a family member’s perspective.

We really want to get the message out there, and let people know how devastating this illness can be.

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