World Digestive Health Day

Wednesday 29th May 2024
World Digestive Health Day is a much anticipated day in Guts UK charity's calendar - and the one day in which we shine the brightest!

Guts UK is the UK's charity for the digestive system from top to tail. All 25ft of it!

We don’t understand our guts, so when something goes wrong, we don’t like to talk about it and we don’t know where to turn to get help. Guts UK exists to change that. Our vision is of a world where digestive disorders are better understood, better treated and everyone who lives with one gets the support they need.

Why is awareness of our digestive health important?

Our research shows that 58% of people feel embarrassed to talk about their digestive condition or symptoms.

 “When I’m having a flare-up, I can’t plan anything with anyone because it’s so unpredictable. My husband is a great support. I’ve found myself crying from feeling so embarrassed. I could be having a great day one day then tomorrow everything can flip on its head.”

Lorna’s experiences, living with microscopic colitis.

Why is research into our digestive health so important?

Gastroenterology (medicine relating to our digestive systems) receives less than 2% of the UK’s medical research funding.

“We know research takes time. There are rarely any quick fixes, especially for complex conditions of the digestive system. But we all have guts, and we must go faster, fund more research and ensure our guts get the attention they deserve. Perhaps by the time our little girls are ready to have families of their own, achalasia can be cured.”

-Agnieszka, Cassius, Vanessa & Steve – parents of Grace and Alia (pictured).

Since 1971, we have funded over 300 projects and invested over £17 million into medical research. For better diagnoses and treatments. For the millions of people who, like us, don’t have the luxury of taking their guts for granted. Details of the current active research we fund can be found here.

Why is information on our digestive health important?

Our digestive systems are intricate and complex. 25ft is a lot of guts to understand, but we exist to help you understand your guts.

“I feel I’ve been left with a diagnosis I know very little about. I’ve had no information or support, except from Guts UK… The pancreatitis information from Guts UK made me stop drinking. I was only having one drink after work in the sun but that stopped completely. I’d like to express my appreciation to Guts UK for helping me to understand my condition more than any consultant has so far.

-Keiran (pictured), sharing his pancreatitis story.

How can I help?

You can help us to raise awareness of digestive health by sharing our patient information on health and lifestyle.

The crippling taboo surrounding our guts can prevent or delay people from seeking help. Together, we can reach those who need us most. Support Guts UK today. Thank you.

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