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It’s time the UK got to grips with guts!

Our research shows that 58% of people are embarrassed to talk about their digestive condition or symptoms. 51% of people delay seeking advice for their symptoms for over 6 months.

Our mission at Guts UK is to provide expert, evidenced based information, raise public awareness and fund life-changing and life-saving research.

Research into our guts is woefully underfunded and has been for decades.

We should rival levels of investment into heart and cancer research but alas, we are way short of this. How come the guts got left behind? There are too many unanswered questions and too many conditions that lack effective treatments. We need to be a £10 million charity to make the kind of impact needed by society and, whilst this is an ambitious goal, we are already on the right track.

A Digital Trustee could transform Guts UK Charity.

As part of the transition to a more outward facing charity, Guts UK needs a digital strategy expert who can help the organisation take advantage of the many digital opportunities and challenges faced. A great digital strategy means more than just redesigning the website and utilising social media, it means making services and knowledge readily available to the public, creating a community and redefining the ways in which we reach out to and support our beneficiaries. The digital trustee will be integral to the growth of Guts UK and will work closely with other trustees to ensure that the organisation optimising its website, its online presence and other digital tools for outreach and income generation.

Download the full job pack here.