Free Webinar: Bowel Habits & When to Seek Help

1st July 2022

Guts UK has joined forces with Chronically Brown and the South Asian IBD Alliance (SAIA) to bring you: “Bowel habits: when to seek help”.

This online webinar is your rare opportunity to tune into important and interesting discussions between healthcare professionals and patients with digestive conditions.  Topics include:

  • Bowel habits: what’s normal and when should I see a doctor?
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

This webinar has been developed by the South Asian community to reduce cultural stigma towards digestive conditions, busting myths and misunderstandings. Our panel of gut experts and patients will discuss their experience of being South Asian with a digestive condition, the differences between Western and South Asian diets and much, much more.

Please see below for the full recording of this webinar!

Meet our fantastic speakers:

Pooja Dhir

Pooja Dhir (Bsc, RD) PhD student: Specialist Dietitian in gut and bowel diseases and disorders in South Asian diets.

“I want to raise awareness within South Asian communities on the impact diet, culture and religion can play in dietary treatment and choices. I’m also looking forward to being able to provide the opportunity to answer questions specific to South Asian populations and their diets.”


Sharan: Patient Advocate with Crohn’s disease, co-leading the Patient Outreach & Advocacy Committee & on the Board of Directors within SAIA.

“I’m excited to be taking part in this webinar because reducing stigmas around digestive diseases is important to me. Those who are dealing with symptoms in silence should feel encouraged to come forward and seek help so they’re able to get the treatment they need.”

Prof. Sebastian

Prof. Sebastian: IBD clinician and researcher.

“I feel passionately that healthcare services and advocates should work with and inform the public about digestive health. Many of the digestive illnesses have effective treatments if diagnosed early, which is why I’m delighted to participate in this event to raise awareness.”

Madhoor Ramdeen

Madhoor Ramdeen: Clinical Nurse Specialist – IBD

“I’m looking forward to the great discussions from all our patients and clinicians. Together we can break the stigmas surrounding digestive diseases.” 


Kaveeta Shukla: Volunteer at Chronically Brown and patient with IBS

“I am taking part in this discussion as I think it is really important to have these conversations to raise awareness and support others living with IBS or other illnesses linked to the bowel. You never know what someone is going through and by talking about these issues, you could be helping lots of people. I want to help break these stigmas and to keep talking about issues related to the bowel, especially if it can help people to get the right diagnosis. I know it took me a long time to know what it was, so if I can help talk about my symptoms, then a person can be able to get diagnosed quickly and get the right medication to help them.”

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