Our London Marathon places for 2022!

16th June 2022

Chris (one of Guts UK’s 2021 London Marathon runners)

We’re thrilled to announce we have 6 places in the London Marathon 2022! These sought after places aren’t easy to secure, so we are over the moon to be able to offer our community 6 places this year.

The London Marathon is one of the most famous and popular running events in the world. Every year, tens of thousands of runners gather to run the iconic 26.2 mile route and are cheered on by thousands of spectators. This is definitely a ‘bucket list’ moment.

Your 26.2 mile challenge starts in Greenwich at one of 3 starting points, it then takes you past some of London’s most iconic landmarks, with the most famous at mile 12 the Tower Bridge! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we cannot wait to welcome 6 fantastic runners to our team this year.

Chris (pictured) ran the London Marathon in 2021 for Guts UK:

“Running the London Marathon for the first time was daunting but ultimately ended up being the greatest achievement of my life. Immediately after Munashe passed away I knew that I wanted to achieve something in his honour – whilst at the same time raising money to raise awareness for the lack of research into gut-related illnesses. I can’t thank Guts UK enough for providing me with the amazing opportunity to run the Marathon on their behalf. Guts UK treated me like family and I will forever be grateful for the continous work that they do for a cause so close to home.” – Chris.

  • When?: Sunday 2nd October 2022
  • Where?: Race starts in Greenwich, London. Ending at the Mall.
  • Why?: For many this is a once in a life-time opportunity to be able to run this iconic route. Our guts have been undervalued and underfunded for decades. People are suffering and people are dying. Together, we can change that. With you by our side, we will get to grips with guts.
  • Fundraising target: £2,000.

As we only have 6 places, to keep things fair we will be holding a draw.


I understand that by applying for one of these places I am committing to fundraising at least £2,000 for Guts UK Charity(Required)

Winners of these coveted places will be announced on Friday 1st July 2022. We will do a draw on social media, and those successful will be contacted.

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