Inspirational Team take on Three Peaks for Guts UK Charity!

7th August 2021

Lee, his brother Steve, and friends Mark, Paul and Fairson took on the Three Peaks Challenge for Guts UK! This is their journey:

June 2020 – the training plan!

The Three Peaks is no easy feat… The challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours.

– Lee

The dream team didn’t delay – they were training straight away! They spent most weekends climbing, gradually increasing the difficulty of their treks each time.

Lee and his wife, Kim didn’t delay fundraising either, setting an ambitious target of raising £1,900 for Guts UK.

Why are you getting to grips with guts?

“My wife Kim struggles with a number of digestive issues. It has robbed her of many of her hopes and dreams due to so many hospital stays and dozens of operations.

Despite suffering with debilitating symptoms, like pain, sickness, difficulty eating and going to the toilet – she is incredibly brave. We wanted to show our support to her by fundraising for the charity closest to her heart, Guts UK” – Lee, Kim’s husband.

– Lee & Kim

June 2021

After a year of training, it was finally challenge time!

Ben Nevis (Scotland)

At the first peak, they faced heavy rain, strong winds and even snow! Lee had also been struggling with a chest infection, but against all odds, the fantastic five completed the first peak. What an incredible achievement!

Scafell Pike (England)

– A pretty damp Fairson!

They boarded the mini-bus ready for their next peak, Scafell pike. The weather still wasn’t on their side, and it turns out, neither was the haggis they’d had back in Scotland..

Sadly Paul, Steve and one of the drivers came down with sickness, which was traced back to the haggis that the three had tried in the morning. Steve and Paul therefore weren’t well enough to take on the next two peaks.

The weather at Scafell was even worse than Ben Nevis, yet the remaining three, Lee, Fairson and Mark, still managed to complete this in their target time.

Snowdon (Wales)

On the way to the third mountain, it was fair to say the remaining three were running out of dry clothes, and fast! Snowdon was no easier. At one point, Lee even thought he might be defeated, until Mark reminded him, “This is your baby, you have to see it through!”

… And they did!! They completed the Three Peaks Challenge and not only that, they managed to raise over £2,600!

“I’m so proud of my walking warriors! It blows my mind that everyone pulled together in support of my struggles. I am literally bursting with pride and joy. I’d like to make sure the families of the walkers know how much we appreciate their support too, as they have made sacrifices so their loved ones could train too. Many of the boys even had to take time off work! Huge thanks to the drivers, Simon and Bill, for safely getting our walking warriors from A to B safely and quickly.” – Kim.

On behalf of the millions of people affected by digestive diseases in the UK alone, just like Kim, Guts UK want to say thank you to this incredible team. Thank you to the families of the walkers for your sacrifices, the drivers over the challenge and all those who kindly donated to Guts UK in their support. You have all helped the UK get to grips with guts.

If our fantastic five have inspired you, discover how you too can fundraise for Guts UK today!

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