It’s Guts UK’s 50th birthday!

13th June 2021

It’s our 50th birthday!

Fifty years ago, on the 14th June 1971, our founders came together and decided they wanted to end the pain and suffering that you and I recognise all too well.

A lot has changed since then. Our research has contributed ground-breaking discoveries and transformed aspects of patient care. We’ve put information in to the hands of so many who needed it.

Although we’re proud of what we’ve done so far, today doesn’t feel like a celebration. The truth is, 50 years on in 2021 – we haven’t yet achieved our founders’ goals. The UK still hasn’t got to grips with its guts:

Five decades on from that memorable meeting, people are still in pain. People are still dying. They’re dying too early. They’re dying unnecessarily. They’re dying without answers. All because of a lack of knowledge about our guts. Guts UK exists to change that.

Guts UK are learning that starving damaged livers of glucose may be a step towards preventing liver cancer. We are also exploring whether transplanting stem cells could help those with paralysed stomachs or a non-functioning oesophagus, saving people from being tube-fed for life. These are just 2 of 27 projects we’re funding right now.

We all have guts. 25ft of them, in fact.

25ft is a lot of gut to understand. 27 active research projects into our 25ft long, complex digestive system isn’t nearly enough. In fact, it barely scratches the surface.

When we put our information into the hands of everybody who needs it, we will light the candles on the cake. When everybody is aware of the symptoms of digestive diseases, we’ll put on our party hats. When not a single person has to suffer or die due to lack of knowledge about our guts, we will throw our party.

Until that day, we’ll be proud of what we’ve achieved. We’ve achieved a lot. But we won’t celebrate, not until the UK gets to grips with its guts, once and for all.

On the year of our 50th birthday, we’re asking you to join us.

It has already been 50 years. It’s time the UK got to grips with guts.

We know it’s a big ambition and the truth is without you, we cannot achieve this goal. But with you, we cannot and will not fail.

How can I help the UK get to grips with guts?

  • Sign-up to a small, regular gift: Please consider giving £3 a month to Guts UK. No one should suffer alone or in silence. The number of requests for information in the last year to the Guts UK team has risen by 400%. With your help, we will get to grips with guts, once and for all.
  • Spread the word: There’s a crippling taboo surrounding conversation about our guts. The more people you can tell about Guts UK, the more we can reach who are struggling in silence. It may even be lifesaving.
  • Fundraise for Guts UK: Whether you want to bake, run, walk, cycle, cut your hair, grow your beard – whatever your personal challenge, we’d love to support you in fundraising for Guts UK. We’ll send you everything you need to get started and will even promote your fundraising page on our social media!


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