Pass on a cure for digestive diseases

7th September 2020

Pass on something wonderful… pass on a cure for digestive diseases

This week, Guts UK celebrates #RememberACharityWeek, when hundreds of UK charities come together, encouraging people to leave gifts in wills, passing on something wonderful to the next generation.

Charities play a fundamental role in driving positive, lasting change. One of the most profound ways you can support charities long into the future is to leave them gift in your will.

What would a gift in my will mean for Guts UK?

Our guts have been underfunded, undervalued and underrepresented for decades. Unanswered questions about gut health causes pain, suffering, even death.

It’s time the UK got to grips with guts.

In 2021, Guts UK will turn 50 years old. In 1971, our founders got together and decided they wanted to do something to end the pain and suffering that we recognise all too well.

A lot has changed since then. But the truth is, we haven’t yet achieved our founder’s goals.

You can help end the pain, suffering and death. You can support Guts UK with a gift in your will. 

Let’s get to grips with our guts, and save lives.

Busting the myths – leaving a gift in my will to Guts UK:

I'm not wealthy. Can I still leave a gift in my will?

You don’t have to be wealthy at all to leave a gift in your will. A gift of any size makes a real difference for future generations.

Each gift of any size sends us one step closer to funding crucial research and answering pertinent questions surrounding life-changing digestive disorders for those that need it most.

I want to look after my family and friends with my will

Our loved ones, family and friends always come first. If after taking care of them, you have even a small amount left, a gift to Guts UK in your will makes the world of difference for those living with digestive diseases.

A gift left in your will to Guts UK can also be exempt from inheritance tax. In certain circumstances, a charitable legacy can mean that your loved ones don’t pay inheritance tax on some or all of your estate. Find out more about tax benefits here.

Can I leave my gift to a specific area?

Of course. We’d happily answer any questions you have with regards to this.

Most supporters leave a general gift in their will, which allows us to fund research, provide information and raise awareness where it will be most needed, when the gift is realised.

We understand that leaving a gift in your will to a charity isn’t a decision taken lightly, and if you have a preferred area of our work to support, we’d be happy to talk to you. Please contact us today.

Julia’s mother Iris passed away due to stomach cancer. Wishing to discover what crucial work and research Guts UK were doing into digestive cancers, Julia called Team Guts UK to discuss leaving a charitable gift in her will.

“I asked the surgeon if he would have been able to do anything if she was 30 years younger (as mum was 87 at the time). He said no.”

Our research has the capacity to diagnose earlier, develop new, kinder treatments and ultimately discover a cure.

Thanks to Julia’s future gift, she will ensure Guts UK continues to bring about important change in this misunderstood area of health.

Read Iris’ story here, as told by her daughter, Julia.

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