Pledge for Pancreatitis

12th August 2020

It’s time to get to grips with Pancreatitis

In December 2020, Guts UK will be running our first ever Christmas Campaign to get to grips with pancreatitis, through the Big Give match-funding campaign. This summer we are asking for the support of our incredible, determined community to help make this campaign a success.

By pledging in advance to donate to Guts UK this December, you could help us secure match-funding to double your donation, raising even more money for life-saving work into pancreatitis.

 You can find out more about the campaign below. And to spread the festive love this summer, you can pledge a minimum donation of £100 here. 

The Big Give Christmas Campaign

The Big Give is the UK’s biggest online match-funding campaign, taking place from the 1st – 8th December 2020. We are applying to be part of the campaign to raise vital funds for acute pancreatitis research that will lead to earlier diagnoses, kinder treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

We are also looking towards the future and a Priority Setting Partnership on pancreatitis, bringing together patients, carers and health professionals to decide their top priorities in pancreatitis research.

But to continue work that brings hope to many, we need your help this August.

As part of our Big Give application, we have until the 28th of August to ask our key supporters to make promises of funding, called ‘Pledges’. By pledging this month, you could help us secure additional match-funding, where a ‘champion’ pledger would double your donation.

Can you help us end the suffering and save lives?

We are aiming to raise a total of £6250 in pledges to take part in the Christmas Challenge. A pledge is a  promise of a donation of £100 or more. Would you consider making a pledge to help us reach our target?

If you pledge now, you won’t need to donate until December, and we will be here to help you every step of the way however you choose to secure your pledge.

You can pledge alone, team up with a friend or family member, set up your own fundraiser or challenge yourself to raise £25 per month before December.

For support with pledging or to find out more, you can get in touch, as always, by calling 020 7486 0341.

You can complete your pledge HERE by the deadline of 5pm, Friday 28th August. 

> I want to play my part in life-changing work into pancreatitis by pledging to give today

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