Two Point Six Challenge Ideas for Guts UK

22nd April 2020

Join us for the 2.6 challenge on Sunday 26th April and help save the UK’s charities. 

The coronavirus pandemic has had a direct impact upon our fundraising income, yet we must continue to support our community. We will not stop helping those who don’t have the luxury of taking their guts for granted, but we need your support. Now is your chance to become a Home Hero for Guts UK!

On the 26th April (the date of the London Marathon and length of the marathon – 26.2 miles) we’re asking you, our home heroes, to take part in a fun-filled activity or challenge that suits you. Click below for a 26-long list of ideas that you could take on for Guts UK, knowing that you’ll be keeping our crucial work going through these turbulent times.

Click here for 26 #TwoPointSix Challenge ideas


  1. Learn 26 words of a completely new language
  2. Do a 26-minute virtual dance party with friends
  3. Bake 26 biscuits, cakes or flapjacks
  4. Hold an online tea party with 26 friends
  5. Hula-Hoop 26 times
  6. 26 steps walking then 26 steps running – 26 times
  7. Run up & down the stairs in your house 26 times
  8. 26 yoga poses
  9. 26 skips with a rope (in a row!)
  10. 26 second head or hand stand
  11. A 26-strong cracking Spotify playlist to share with friends!
  12. A virtual car-boot sale with 26 items
  13. Create your own garden obstacle course and complete it 26 times
  14. 26 brand new recipes/meals in the month
  15. Learn 26 new facts about our wonderful digestive system and share them with Guts UK
  16. 26 makeup and/or outfit changes
  17. 26 press-ups with the pet on your back
  18. Cut 2.6 inches off your hair
  19. Plant 26 seeds / flowers in your garden
  20. Make an omelette in 26 seconds
  21. Juggling for 2.6 minutes without dropping anything!
  22. Put on 26 items of clothing in 260 seconds
  23. Run a marathon (26.2) miles in a month
  24. Throw or kick a ball into a bin/hoop 26 times
  25. Sell 26 CDs/DVDs/Books online and donate the dosh
  26. 26 star jumps because you are a STAR

The 2.6 Challenge Campaign explained

You set your own rules, whilst following Government guidelines on how to exercise safely during this time. The challenge isn’t just about physical activity, we’ve been creative with the numbers 2 and 6 – with something to suit everyone. The main thing is to have fun, while you raising what you can to join us in the fight against diseases of the gut, liver and pancreas.

If you’d like to help Guts UK continue our crucial work but don’t want to commit to a challenge, you can still support our work by simply donating £26.

You are part of our life-saving research, life-changing patient information and eye-opening awareness. Thank you.

I want to lead the way in the fight against digestive diseases by donating to Guts UK today

To set up a #TwoPointSix fundraising page for Guts UK, click here. Please don’t forget to introduce yourself and your challenge too, hearing from you is the best part of our job:

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