Survey – Express Your Opinion on a Pancreatic Research

27th November 2019

Bart’s Cancer Institute is designing a research project on pancreatic cancer. The project aims to evaluate known risk factors of pancreatic cancer, and identify novel ones, in a multi-ethnic population of East London.

The project plans to use medical histories of relevant patient groups, collected from their electronic health records. Their medical histories will be completely anonymised and stored for research purposes, so that individuals cannot be identified.  However, a key aspect of this project is accessing the patients’ healthcare information without their explicit consent to achieve the research objectives. This is because the majority of the patients intended to be included in the study have deceased,  and taking their consent will not be possible. The team therefore want to gather patient and public opinion on this research and its use of electronic health records.

You do not need to have a medical or scientific background. The team just ask that you are enthusiastic about medical research AND have a personal experience of healthcare services either as a patient or carer (e.g. family members) with an experience of disease involving the pancreas, liver, gallbladder or bile duct.

To be involved, please download the research summary and the survey below, complete the survey and email to


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