Kranky Panky 2019!

30th October 2019

Kranky Panky began in November 2018, where we shared a heartfelt story a day for 30 days. We reached tens-of-thousands of people. Now we have an even bigger following as a charity, this November we want to go bigger and better than before.

In 2018, Kranky Panky began as an awareness campaign alone and picked up brilliant pace, but grew into something we could never have expected. Supporters saw our work, picked up the phone to confide in us, set up Facebook Birthday Fundraisers, ran marathons and jumped from a plane. In addition to raising awareness of this devastating condition, we were able to fund crucial research into pancreatitis too.

Guts UK is the only UK charity funding a research fellowship into pancreatitis. This costs us approximately £210,000.

Guts UK researcher Dr James O’Kelly began his research into pancreatitis in August of this year. We need to do so much more to find an effective treatment for pancreatitis.


  • Share your story: We need real-life stories to help the world understand the impact that pancreatitis has. Write, email or call us. This year, we’d also like to ask you to consider sharing your story via video. Video is the best performing form of online media, and we hope this can help us reach more people.
  • Spread the word: Share our posts on Facebook or discuss with a friend over coffee. The more people that know about pancreatitis, the bigger difference we can make. If you’d like to set up an awareness stand somewhere local to you, we can help. Use the hashtag: #KrankyPanky
  • Fundraise for us: Wax your legs or shave your beard. Host a luncheon or dinner party. Set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser or run like the wind. Whatever you do, do it for Kranky Panky.
  • Don’t be a stranger: Keep in touch with us. Hearing from you is the best part of our job. If you have a special request, a fundraising mission or just want to talk – get in touch with us today.
To see more about our Kranky Panky campaign click here
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