Remember a Charity Week 2019

9th September 2019

Remember a Charity Week in 2019 runs from 9-15th September, and sees hundreds of charities come together to encourage people to leave charitable gifts in wills, and pass on something wonderful to the next generation.

From birth to old age, our guts are central to our wellbeing and act as our own personal plumbing system. Many of us take them for granted – that is until something goes wrong.

Research into the gut, liver and pancreas has been woefully underfunded for decades, despite digestive disorders being widespread amongst the UK population. Digestive cancers of the liver, pancreas, oesophagus and stomach remain some of the least survivable cancers, where they have languished for decades.


The theme for Remember a Charity Week 2019 is about debunking the myths that surround leaving gifts in wills to charities:

Any gift in your will to Guts UK would make a powerful and lasting difference to the lives of those affected by digestive disorders, and could be the single most effective gift you can give.

Help us diagnose earlier, find a treatment and find a cure by leaving a gift in your will to Guts UK. 

Let your values live on. 

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