Prof. Hawkey Returns from Kamchatka!

23rd September 2019

Although he experienced more than one too-close-for-comfort encounters with the local bears, Professor Chris Hawkey has safely returned from Kamchatka and landed on UK soil!

Prof. Hawkey stands proudly below a volcano that he ascended

Prof. Hawkey has never shown any interest in acting his age. At 72, he stands in front of a scary looking volcano!

He hasn’t let his Parkinson’s disease stop him from doing anything he wishes to do:

I decided to embark upon this Kamchatka Trek to fundraise for both Guts UK and Parkinson’s UK. Given that I’m a retired gastroenterologist (gut doctor) with Parkinson’s disease, this seems a fairly obvious choice – but my decision is much more exciting than it seems on the surface.

Evidence is mounting that some of the earliest changes leading to Parkinson’s may begin in the gut. This recent discovery only emphasises just how much we’re yet to discover about our microbiome (gut bacteria), and its connection to our brain.

Prof. Hawkey dances with Kamchatka natives

As well as climbing volcanoes and mountains, Prof. Hawkey managed to find time to discover the local wildlife and culture.

He had breathtaking encounters with bear cubs, danced with Kamchatka residents, cuddled a wolf pup and bathed in the hot springs.

There may have been one or two mishaps (like dropping his phone down the 3m deep toilet hole, and having to use the flash on his camera to use the toilet at night) but overall, it seems Prof. Hawkey had the trip of a lifetime.

We’re so grateful for your support Chris. See more pictures from Chris’ journey to Kamchatka below.



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