Guts UK at the Community and Wellbeing Festival at The Piece Hall

29th July 2019

Last weekend, Guts UK set up its information stand and star attraction Colin the Inflatable Colon at one of Yorkshire’s many proud heritage sites, The Piece Hall in Halifax. As part of the Community and Wellbeing Festival, the event hosted fabulous and unique activities and stands, including; Tai Chi, stonecarving, the Alexander technique to name just a few.

Spreading the gut love message, we chatted to wonderful people all about digestive health, and the steps we can all take to look after our guts. It’s safe to say that Colin the Colon was a hit with all ages- as he demonstrated the inner workings of our large intestines. Initial reactions of “umm… what is that?” and “I’m not too sure I want to go inside” turned into fascination as people took a grand tour of Colin. It is not everyday that you get to walk through an inflatable colon!

Check out some of our pictures from the weekend here.

Did you know that Colin the Colon can come to you? We always love meeting and introducing people to Guts UK and opening conversations about how our guts work. If you think you could benefit from a Guts UK visit, please get in touch with us here.


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