Meet our London Marathon 2019 Runners

5th April 2019

Our valiant supporters are taking on the 26.2 mile challenge that is the London Marathon. With the marathon taking place at the end of April, Team Guts UK is currently training for the world famous sporting event and working as hard as they can to raise funds for Guts UK.

Philip Neville 

As the winner of our ballot, the London Marathon 2019 will be Philip’s first ever marathon. Although a great challenge lies ahead, Philip is determined to tackle the marathon head on and fundraise for Guts UK, a cause close to his heart following the loss of a family member to acute pancreatitis last year. 

“In April 2018, my father-in-law Mark Fillery collapsed in pain at home. An ambulance was called and Mark was moved to the Intensive Care Unit due to declining health. It was announced that he had acute pancreatitis, caused by a gallstone entering the bile duct. The general ward was not good enough in treating and understanding this condition, there were so many side complications around pancreatitis, none of which any consultant or general staff member could fully explain or plan us for.

Unfortunately Mark passed away in August after contracting an infection (one of many risks involved in the procedures he’d endured). He had only recently turned 58 years old.”

Although pancreatitis can be devastating, Philip’s efforts to make a change to the future for others is nothing short of inspiring. Guts UK is the only UK charity funding a research fellowship into pancreatitis. Let’s help Philip reach his goal as he takes on the challenge of a lifetime.

Click here to support Philip's Fundraiser

Linda Dunne

Linda first got in touch with the team at Guts UK after being diagnosed with diverticulitis. After receiving our patient leaflet and advice booklets and finding them invaluable, she vouched to help Guts UK and run on our behalf at the London Marathon.

“I began with diverticulitis back in 2017. After multiple visits to my GP and a misdiagnosis of IBS, I finally had a colonoscopy – which confirmed that I had diverticulitis. My whole journey with the diagnosis has been much more complicated than it needs to be, and this has to be put down to a lack of knowledge in the medical world. I felt like I was completely left in the dark.

When I came across Guts UK and the information they had readily and freely available, it was a real relief and has been very helpful with the management of my diverticulitis.”

Despite the obstacles that diverticulitis puts in her way, Linda battles through and continues to train and prepare for her marathon – all to aid crucial research that leads the way to a better treated and better understood gut.

Click here for Linda's Fundraiser

Joanne Riseborough

This year, Joanne will be running her first ever marathon and will be running as part of team Guts UK.

“I’m running in memory of my sister Suzanne, who passed away 23 years ago having suffered with a rare bowel disorder called chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction.

Although I can never have my sister back in my life, knowing I can help or make a difference to someone and their family gives me great comfort. I know my sister would be happy and proud and glad to see that  some progress is being made in making quality of life better.”

Joanne is one of many of our supporters turning a negative into a positive, making a difference to others with such conditions.

Click here for Joanne's Fundraiser

Sarah Young

Experienced runner Sarah has completed her fair share of marathons and even took part in her first Ultra Marathon in 2017. She hadn’t intended on running the 2019 London Marathon for charity, but earlier in the year, herself and her husband received some devastating news.

“We learnt at the start of the year that my husband Mark’s best friend Fraser Kinnley was back in hospital having had continuous pancreas issues. We sadly lost Fraser and had to come to terms with knowing we’d never see him again.

Had it not been for Fraser, Mark and myself wouldn’t have met and I wouldn’t have the amazing family I do today. Fraser was taken from us far too young, just days before his 45th birthday.”

Running in memory of Fraser with Mark cheering her on from the sidelines, Sarah is using her talent and stamina to raise funds for Guts UK, helping others suffering with pancreas or digestive issues.

Click here for Sarah's Fundraiser

We’re sure you’ll agree that each of these stories are inspiring in their own way. It’s through you, our supporters, that we can continue funding crucial and pivotal research into such underfunded and misunderstood areas and to support and inform people at a difficult and confusing time.

If you’d like any information, please contact us:

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