Research study on Crohn’s Disease and diet

6th August 2018

Researchers at King’s College London are looking to recruit volunteers for a study on Crohn’s Disease. The study has had ethical approval (Ethical Clearance Reference Number: LRS-17/18-7313).

The researchers have designed a new diet and eventually wish to test in a research trial whether the diet can be used to manage Crohn’s disease and reduce gut inflammation.

Before they do this, they need to find out how practical it is for people to follow the diet for 14 days by conducting a ‘feasibility’ study. A feasibility study is a small study that aims to highlight any issues before designing the larger research trial.

The diet the researchers have designed is called the Crohn’s Diet. The evidence for this diet is based on recent research which suggests that certain food ingredients may be involved in triggering gut inflammation.

The researchers primary aim is to assess the practicalities of following the Crohn’s Diet. They have developed a mobile phone application (App) and a booklet, which will help study participants follow the diet.

Volunteers will need to attend the Waterloo campus of King’s College London three times, try the diet for two weeks, and complete food diaries and questionnaires on the diet.

If you are interested and want to see if you are eligible please email or call 0207 848 4552. For more details on the research download the study participant information sheet.

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