The Big Bike Ride!

3rd July 2017

A team of 18 property professionals from Sanderson Weatherall LLP Chartered Surveyors completed the 189 mile W2W northern coast to coast cycle route between Walney Island and Whitby over the long weekend of the 29 June to 1 July 2017. The team were raising funds for Guts UK.

Simon Heather, Partner at SW and organiser of this year’s trip said, “The W2W is widely regarded to be the toughest of the coast to coast routes – it is one of the longest ones in mileage terms and certainly one of the hilliest with almost 14,000 ft of climb. We are all delighted to have completed the challenge and even more delighted to have raised funds for Guts UK. The total at the moment is circa £2,500, although we are confident that the final tally will be over £3,000 once all the donations are in.”


If you’d like to read more about their story or support their efforts and Guts UK, you can do so on their JustGiving page.


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